krBd&rRjnöai, 2022
2 x 18 pages, xerox printed
210 x 297 mm

A fanzine produced by me and Rikard Laving for Blackbook Publications and the exhibition Spreads at Landskrona Fotofestival. 


An image of a flattened bird makes me feel queasy. Why did he take these pictures? Is that his grandmother holding her grandchild? Someone lying in a bathtub, is that his ex? Could it be his new girlfriend? Is that what this collaboration ultimately is about, for me to get to know Björn Bengtsson and for him to get to know me, Rikard Laving?

First few weeks, we regularly post pictures to a shared folder on dropbox. Trying to shape a form that is constantly changing. Both of us considerate, careful. We work on the project for some time, soon deciding that we have enough images.

Sending lay outs back and forth, I find myself losing focus, having to delete everything and to start over. Björn feels the same. We’re heading in different directions. The work follows us both and eventually the publication splits into two parts. Two perspectives. Two ways of relating to 87 pictures taken by Björn Bengtsson and Rikard Laving. Whoever they are.